• Navigating in a digital world

    Our daily lives are flooded with information. Whether using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or smartTV, everything we need (and a lot of what we don’t) is at our fingertips. The digital world is how we get our news, communicate with loved ones, conduct research and generally function in today’s world. It’s important to digest and use online information in a responsible way.

    Who uses our platform?

    Our clients spread over a range of organziations, all with different needs. Our platform has been used by major league sports organizations to deliver a great fan experience and ensure safety, and also by large corporations looking to maintain compliance and mitigate brand risk. Using our platform, clients are able to find and analyze public online information in a way that’s relevent to achieving their business goals.

    What about privacy?

    Privacy is a shared responsibility and we take our part seriously. We, and our clients, don’t have access to information that hasn’t already been made public – we can’t see personal information, posts or photos you’ve identified as private. The best way to secure your privacy is to manage privacy settings for any online content you don’t want the general public to see. Even with the use of public information, we maintain the highest ethical standard and educate our clients to do the same.

    Visit our Privacy Policy for more information.

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